Neighborhood Watch Programs

Contacts for Legend Oaks
Officer Josh Visi (D4) is our district representative.  His number is 512-974-4260 or you may email him at:

Contact Officer Visi and report any and all suspicious activity.  Call 911 immediately if you witness theft, drug transactions, traces of homeless camps, or any other suspicious activity.…/district-representatives-region-4

Legend Oaks is a No-Soliciting Neighborhood.  We have signs posted at the entrances.  Never feel obligated to open your door to anyone, but do call 911 if you spot solicitors in the area.  Your call will be prioritized according to our local police so don't feel that you are taking away from a more important call, don't hesitate to call 911.  The police will remind them that we are a No Soliciting neighborhood and can ask them to leave while capturing data (description & license plates) on them.  Many neighbors have found that by putting up a No Soliciting sign next to their door works to keep most solicitors at bay.  Please call the police if you happen to notice solicitors or traveling sales crews cruising through the neighborhood in white vans selling magazines.  Often they have out of state plates and many have criminal records. Read about door to door sales scams and What Mainstream Publishers Don't Want You to Know About Door to Door Magazine Sales, & Traveling Sales Crews.  Reputable companies do not send people door to door to sell cleaning products, magazines, alarm systems, meat, free energy audits, driveway repair, or pest control services.  Beware traveling sales scams that involve home repair, painting, tree trimming, solar energy, roofing, and voting/survey scams in which a person tries to collect personal information in order to steal your identity.  *Remember, honest contractors receive majority of their business through referrals from satisfied customers. They don't need to travel door-to-door to find business.*  If you are in need of a service, it is always a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau first or get recommendations from friends and neighbors.  Here's a good No Soliciting sign you can order to keep door-to-door folks away.  Please do not call the police on our neighborhood Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts selling cookies or popcorn.

Neighborhood Watch Program
The goal is to create a network of residents who are vigilant and aware of activities in the area and who will record and report anything suspicious. These reports are retained and referrred to when criminal activity occurrs, usually resulting in useful information.

The Association would like to facilitate the means for creating these programs and provide the owners in our neighborhood the information and communication they need to operate these programs. If you are interested and would like to be a part of the neighborhood watch, please contact Neighborhood Watch.

If you find graffitti or evidence of other criminal behavior, please contact the Austin Police at 512-974-5750 to file a report. After the report has been made and photos have been taken, the City of Austin has a Grafitti Abatement program that may be reached at 512-974-1028 and they can assist us in the removal. We also ask that you report the incident to our Property Manager, Judy Wilcox at Pioneer Real Estate. Judy is keeping track of all damages and police reports, and will initiate removal and clean up of the damage if it has not already been arranged.

Pioneer Real Estate (512) 447-4496 Email Judy Wilcox.

If you witness criminal activity in progress call 911.

National Night Out in Austin - organize a block party or cookout

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What To Look For

Be on the lookout for unfamiliar cars driving through the neighborhood.  Make note of the license plate number and the color and type of car. Most of the graffitti is happening during the weekends and especially when school is out. The majority of incidents happen at night between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m.. If you witness activity, it is not recommended to approach the person or persons, but rather call 911.

It has been reported by the APD that the majority of the graffitti in the area is being done by youths attending Austin High and have been linked to this and surrounding neighborhoods. If you have children in their teens attending AHS, please bring to their attention that this activity is being investigated by APD, and the damages have reached felony levels. The chances of them knowing someone involved in the activity are fairly good, and though they may be unaware of their peers' activities, the dissemination of the information might prove to be a deterrent. Inform them that anyone caught could face serious charges, damaging their future by carrying a criminal record detrimental to higher education and work opportunities. Indicators to watch out for are paint under fingernails, staying out late unable to account for where they were, what they did or who they were with.


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