FAQ's About Legend Oaks Management

Legend Oaks is professionally managed by Pioneer Real Estate. They are charged with managing all vendors and contractors who perform maintenance for Legend Oaks. This includes common grounds along Escarpment Blvd., Convict Hill, and the recreational center. Occasionally the property and/or facilities need attention outside of the regularly scheduled maintenance program. Pioneer also does a monthly drive through of our neighborhood to enforce covenants and deed restrictions.

For questions or concerns, you may call Pioneer Real Estate and ask for our Property Manager, Judy Wilcox at 512-447-4496.  You may also contact management by email:  If you need help with your pool key fob, contact Janice at Pioneer at 512-447-4496 or email her at:  janice@pioneeraustin(dot)com.

Top Ten Deed Restriction Violations
  1. Garbage can and recycle bins stored in location visible from street and neighboring properties.
  2. Architectural Modifications without approval from the Architectural Committee, which includes, but is not limited to:  color change on exterior of house, major landscaping modifications such as removing trees, stone additions and walkways in front yard, painting fences, unapproved solar panel installation, and installation of generators without receiving approval from the Architectural Committee.
  3. Landscaping growing over the curbing, sidewalks, and driveways; maintaining landscaping.  Trees and bushes that obstruct or partially obstruct pedestrian clearance over the sidewalk, these need to be pruned to provide a 7 foot clearance.
  4. Fences in need of repair (pickets missing, fallen panels).
  5. Junk and debris on driveway.
  6. Loose or barking dogs - disturbing neighbors; neighbors not cleaning up after their dogs.
  7. Commercial vehicles parked on the driveways and streets.
  8. RV's, campers, trailers, or boats parked on the street, driveway or on the property in a location visible from the street or neighboring properties.
  9. Overnight parking on the street for more than 3 consecutive nights.
  10. Maintenance of property (garage doors dilapidated, front door, exterior lighting fixtures, basketball goals improperly placed, damages to exterior of home, missing shingles, etc.).


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