Pool Reservation
2017 Pool Party Reservation Form & Pool Party Rules 

Please print all reservation information.
Date of Party:                                                                        Time of Party:                                   (Maximum 3 hour limit)
Number of Children:                                                            Age Range:                                                 

*Please Note:  The Board of Directors strongly recommends you hire 2 certified lifeguards especially if you have children attending your party who are not strong swimmers.  If you need help hiring lifeguards, contact Pioneer at 512-447-4496 & they can get you in contact with our Pool Committee Chair.
Number of Adults:                                                                             
Name of Homeowner making reservation:                                                                                      


Phone numbers, Day:                                                  Cell:                                                                      
Payment rendered:     $100 deposit check #:                                                                                   

Please make check payable to Legend Oaks Owner’s Association
I have read, understand & agree to abide by the USE OF SWIMMING POOL FACILITY FOR PARTIES 2017 PROCEDURES & RULES.  I understand that failure to meet all requirements will risk revocation of my pool privileges for a period of up to one month. By signing, I am accepting full responsibility for the conduct of my guests & any damages caused during the party by my guests.
Signature:                                                                          Date:                                                             

All parties using the Legend Oaks I swimming pool facility are subject to the following requirements:
  1. Parties of 10 or more must make a reservation in advance through Pioneer Real Estate Services at (512) 447-4496 and complete the “Use of Swimming Pool Facilities for 2017 Parties Procedures & Rules” found on the Legend Oaks website. The maximum number of guests for parties is 35.  Parties are limited to a maximum of 3 hours.
  2. Only adult property owners or tenants on record & in good standing may host a party at the pool. You are not reserving the entire pool area but are sharing the space with other residents.
  3. The pool is not available for parties on the following days & times: a.) Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays between 4 p.m. – 8 p.m., b.) All day on holidays & holiday weekends, c.) After 10 p.m., pool closes at 10 p.m.
  4. ​It is recommended that the party host hire 2 certified lifeguards. The Pioneer office can get you in contact with our Pool Committee Chair on how to obtain lifeguards.
  5. A refundable $100 deposit made payable to the Legend Oaks Owner’s Association is required with your reservation. Your deposit is subject to forfeiture & additional charges will be applied for any damages or cleaning costs incurred.  The receptacles provided may be full so, bring extra trash bags with you. If trash will not fit inside the trashcans on site, you must bring the remainder to your home - it must not be left anywhere on the grounds.  Use the recycle bin provided for all plastic & cans, no glass is allowed. Return & straighten all pool furniture to its proper place after your party.
  6. The host member must be present for the duration of the party. All rules & regulations pertaining to the use of the Legend Oaks pool must be followed.
  7. The host member accepts responsibility for the conduct of their guests & agrees to pay the Association for damage or injury resulting from the abuse or misuse of the property or equipment.
  8. Deposit will be refunded in full if the party is canceled due to inclement weather or maintenance problems or if you must cancel your party for another reason. Contact Pioneer ASAP if you must cancel your party as space is limited & another resident may wish to make a reservation.
  9. The Board of Directors of the Legend Oaks Owner’s Association reserves the right to deny use of the pool for private parties & to impose additional restrictions and limitations for such use. 

Loss of Pool Privileges:  Any Legend Oaks homeowner or guest of a Legend Oaks homeowner found to be violating pool rules or vandalizing the pool, pool house, equipment &/or surrounding areas could lose all privileges.  The resident will be held responsible for cleaning &/or repairing damaged items.


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